[…] under this beautiful statue of the Mother of God, in front of the cathedral which was supposed to be blessed by the organizer of the Polish order in the Western Lands, Cardinal Hlond, I met Archbishop Kominek. […] He asked me if I could browse through the missal a bit. I replied, enough to be able to say the mass. “Good. Tomorrow, Father, be so kind as to come to me at five minutes before seven. […] We will go into the field.” “But only tomorrow?” “This we will see.” We went to Świdnica and to Jelenia Góra. [At the beginning, he warned me:] “Remember one thing, Father: we must be at home at quarter to eleven. Without the Free Europe service we will not be able to go.”

This is like a commandment: first – honour God the Father, second – the Free Europe service. […] You Father are responsible for it.” I thought to myself: Lord Jesus, will we be so long? All Sunday! But then I saw how my new boss worked. He had two sermons with him. He looked through them and asked me, the fresh doctor, what I would add. [I was surprised]: the first time we were going together and such an intimate relationship! It was very nice. […] Then he took out a book and said: “I brought this for you, Father, to read over the next three, four days, and then we will discuss it.” And then he started prayers.

I never encountered any other hierarch who would pray on the road. He prayed the entire rosary and all five litanies. And when he was tired, he had a break, took a nap for two, three minutes, and when he woke up, he continued the litany where he had stopped. […] We came home at quarter to eleven in the evening in time for Free Europe, and he told me: “Father, tomorrow come at nine.” […] and that is how [our work together began] which ended on the day of his death in ’74.