The life of Cardinal Kominek was for me the testimony of a man with a living faith. He had a simple, uncomplicated faith, even though he was very smart, intelligent and extremely well read in the fields of history, literature, and the geography of Lower Silesia. Driving in a car with the cardinal was a delight because when he took some rest after work […], he would begin to talk. […] He was not a man who walked on two or three planes. […] I remember that as a young priest, full of zeal, I treated certain things slightly harshly. And he would say: “Father, some things you need to do a little more lightly.” I told him once: “Father Cardinal, it goes quite poorly with gratitude in our Christian life.” He smiled and said: “Father, never expect gratitude from people and you will be happy!” He taught me a lot by this: “you will be happy!”